The Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Well-being in New York City opened its
doors to the public in 2014. The Shinnyo Center is an expression of Shinnyo-en’s leader,
Shinso Ito’s, desire to make a contribution to the New York metropolitan area,
both to members of the general public as well as to some of the national and
international organizations headquartered in New York City.

Since its founding, The Shinnyo Center has supported a wide variety of programs
and partnerships with non-profit, educational, social service and cultural institutions,
first responders, private corporations, and religious organizations and for the general public.

Today, the emphasis of The Shinnyo Center is on partnerships with
New York City metro organizations, guided meditations for the general public,
and a small portfolio of special initiatives and events.

PHOTO CREDIT: Top Image by Gaia Squarci; Bottom Image by Eric Cederlund