The Shinnyo Center partners with The Horticultural Society of New York in providing “Greenhouse Meditation” events at Riverbank State Park in New York City. Check online for seasonally adjusted schedule.


The Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Well-being works with a number of organizations
in both one-time and on-going engagements.
Meditation services are provided to managers, employees,
first responders, university students, and marginalized groups
(LGBT, homeless youth, and others.)


The Shinnyo Center has had engagements with several leading multinational
corporations based in New York City, New York City municipal authorities,
leading universities, and grassroots social services organizations.

The Shinnyo-en Center partners with the New York City Garment District Alliance on a variety of neighborhood activities.
Pictured here: Barbara A. Blair, President, Garment District Alliance and Qalvy Grainzvolt, Meditation Guide at The Shinnyo Center.

PHOTO CREDIT: Top Image: Shinnyo Center; Bottom Image by Frank Walton